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benefits of Yaks

Why Yaks?

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Quick Yak Facts

  • A small bovine native to the Himalaya mountains, domesticated for a thousand years, they have been in North America for over 100 years.

  • They are naturally healthier than bison and beef cattle, they are more disease resistant. Yaks also have a longer life span, living well into their 20’s. Their digestive system is more efficient than other bovine. In addition the calves are small, which is easier for their mothers.

  • Yaks are animals of many uses, they can be used for can be used for meat, milk, fiber, packing/riding, and more.

  • Yaks are tough, tolerating hot summers and thriving in cold winters.

  • Yaks are easier on the soil and pasture, grazing carefully and producing less waste than their competition.

  • They are very smart bovines, many know their name and come to their name on Hot Disch Farm. All yaks have a distinct personality and different characteristics.

Meat Facts

  • Yak meat is similar to beef. It has a sweet flavor when cooked to a medium rare.

  • It is naturally 95% - 97% lean due to their anatomy. They develop a fat layer subcutaneously (to insulate them from the cold and heat) therefore there is minimal fat within the meat. The meat is juicy despite being low in fat.