Really? Kittens over me, the Fabulous Gertrude?

Friends, Fans, and my People!

Gertrude here on a Monday morning, a beautiful, sun-shining, glorious Monday morning. How was your weekend My People? Mine was soggy and wet. First the Head Dude was filling up our water tank with crisp, clean and refreshing water and then he forgot to turn the hose off which flooded a small area of our pasture. I will add that my favorite spot to sleep is now flooded. But I guess as it soaks into the ground it will make my bed softer, so it could be good in the end. Then Sunday came and it rained, and rained, and rained. These hooves are wet and it is difficult to type with slippery hooves, uffda! But the real downer to all of this wetness is that I didn’t get any new visitors. I love visitors and it has been weeks since my last tour. My People, how do you expect me to keep up my star performances without practice. Minnie and Hazel can only handle so much Gertrude time before they have seen all my tricks. So come visit your girl People! Be sure to schedule a time with the Head Dude before arriving on the farm.

Hey, before you come to the farm you should place an online order for Yak Meat through the new online store. If you spend $250 or more you will automatically save $25 on your order by entering CHRISTMASINJULY at checkout. Then you can come pick up they yaks that went off to Freezer Camp, you can visit me and you can see the new herd of kittens.

Did you now that I, Gertrude am a huge Price Is Right fan? Mainly because at the end of every show Bob Barker would tell all his fans to get their pets spade or neutered. Well, the Head Dude tries to do that but these neighbor Tom cats wander over here and do their thing and bam! now we have 12 healthy kittens running around the farm. Here is the problem with all these kittens, 1. the Assistants love to play with the kittens and try to catch the scardy-cat ones. 2. The kittens get more attention than I do. Sure maybe it is because they are not nearly as friendly or awesome as I am, but what can a girl say - I like to be pampered. 3. This very morning the Head Dude came out to do one thing, and that one thing was to feed the kittens. Can you believe that? A man who is allergic to cats fed the kittens and just looked in my general direction. Sure I was sleeping in the deep grass but come on! I digress…

Well, tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day for our chicken flock. The Head Dude will be taking them to their special Freezer Camp. I will finally be able to sleep in each morning as I won’t be hearing the many roosters crowing at the top of their lungs. A girl needs her beauty rest. Order your chickens through our online store and come pick them up on the farm or at the Farmers Market. If you come to the farm you can visit with me, your favorite yak! If you contact the Head Dude and pick up your chickens two days from now on Wednesday you will get a free Yak t-shirt!

People, you are all good people and I am liking my corner here on the new website. Be sure to check out the store, set up an appointment and eat more yak!

Have a Yaktacular Day!

Gertrude Out!

P.S. Can the Head Dude sell free range, organic, pasture purrfect Kittens? (See what I did there? Yaks are smart!)