My BIG News!

People, My People! It's Gertrude once again. The BIG news has arrived! Are you ready? This is huge, monumental, and a life achievement for me personally. Any guesses? Time is up!

I, Gertrude, am now a published writer on the Internet or whatever that is. I now have my own blog on the brand new Hot Disch Farm website. Although I am not to sure about the title of my blog, Gertrude's Corner, I mean why couldn't it have been Gertrude's Thrown, or Gertrude's Palace, or something more royal like that. Maybe it is because I am a Trim Yak and not a Royal Yak [breed differences], I mean we were all created the same and our blood is all yak no matter what we look like on the outside. But I digress and come down off my high horse. I am sure the title "Gertrude's Corner" will grow on me over time. In my corner you will be able to see all my hoof taps there in one place, then you can go back and re-read old posts and get your friends caught up on my adventures. I just hope the Head Dude can figure out how to post my stuff there as I only know how to run his Samsung. Samsung, if you are reading this and want to sponsor a yak, I am your girl! Oh, sorry for the quick lure for advertisement, I am exploring a new career path in advertising. Anyway, go check out my new internet blog!

While you are there you can learn all about Hot Disch Farm and what's the deal with Yaks. If you haven't figured it out already, us yaks are a big deal. On the new website you will see many places to Shop - let me tell you I love to shop. Did you know Runnings allows pets in their store? I hope the Head Dude brings me to Runnings sometime so I can pick out my own treats. He Runnings, if you need a yak spokesperson or want to sponsor the most famous yak in the county, let me people know because I am your girl! Haha, I snuck another advertisement lure in there.

Also, on our new website you will see me featured on the homepage standing in luscious grass with Luna in the background along with Dottie, Gracie and Darryl. That picture was taken before the corn was planted. Now the corn is much taller than I am. The Head Dude and his super team of website designers put my beautiful face all over the website, see if you can find all my pictures.

The main reason for this new website is to streamline meat sales. Yes, I know that as a yak I "shouldn't" be encouraging you humans to eat us but there are certain yaks that are destined for the freezer. One in particular that I would love for him to go to Freezer Camp. His name is Walter and he is a Royal Yak, or should I say Royal Pain in my rear. This guy thinks he is tough stuff and loves to challenge the Head Dude, if I were in his pen I would show him that I am the boss. So what! if he is bigger than me, I can overcome that with my attitude and star power! So, please go buy meat from the website, select if you will pick it up on the farm or in Willmar at the Farmer's Market (which the Head Dude skipped today due to the thunderstorm - side note: if he would have gone today I would have changed his name to the Head Dud!). We need to join forces and empty the freezers so we can get Walter off to Freezer Camp. Do your part people and I will do mine!

Wow! I sure got wordy for a yak today. Maybe its the rain or that the temps are 25 degrees cooler than yesterday. Go check out my new website and my very own Corner! Be sure to like, share, subscribe, bookmark, shop, and all that other stuff!

Bye my people!

Gertrude out!

P.S. Oh, if you haven't voted for my sister/cousin's names you better do that soon, the poll ends today.

P.P.S. I forgot to include the new website address, here it is:

P.P.P.S. Can yaks have ADHD? After re-reading my own post I think this might be a possibility, haha! Squirrel!

Craig Dischinger