Winter Snows


People, my people! It's your girl Gertrude again. Sorry it has been so long since my last post. The Head Dude has been in the skid loader for countless hours moving snow and he says he is running out of space to put it. He should listen to Garage Logic more often and practice better Space Management. It has been difficult for me to get his phone when he is in said power shovel.

Today it snows again and while it was snowing I was able to snap a picture of my half sister Harriet. She, along with a few others, are looking for a new home. I will miss her but I will also appreciate more space to wander in the pasture, if summer ever comes.

Me and my gang are thankful for our thick fiber, it is also mostly water resistant as well. The snow rests on our backs and the wet snow just slides off our backs.

If you want some yak soup on a cold winter day let the Head Dude know. As for me, it's off to the water tank.

Until later - be safe people, you only have two legs.

- Gertrude Out!

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