Memorial Day


People, My People! It's your favorite Yak - Gertrude! Today is Memorial Day and the yak gang and I are all very thankful for all the men and women and their families who have made the greatest sacrifice for freedom. From the depths of our hearts we thanks all our Veteran's and their families!

Today kicks off the Best of the Best contest too. As I mentioned in a previous post our farm was nominated as one of the Best Game Farms in the area. Well, even though yak are not "game" we sure like to play games. Take for instance when the Head Dude likes to show us off when guests come for tours, he usually takes me out of the pasture and then I get to be the star of the show but when my part is done I play games with him and lock up the brakes as he tries to put be back in the pasture. Oh, for our yak games, we often play king/queen of the hill (compost pile) or we participate in track events seeing who is the fastest yak. Gracie usually wins that one, but she has more experience running as she is older than I. One day I shall win the crown of fastest yak.

Anyway, I included some pictures of our Farm and the fancy card showing our nomination. I wonder if the Head Dude will hang it in the barn so we can enjoy it too?

You can help me and the gang out by heading to the West Central Tribues voting page and vote for Hot Disch Farm! We all would appreciate your vote, you know what they say, "vote early, vote often!"…/

Have a great Memorial Day and thank a Veteran not only today, but every day. We owe our freedom to them and their families!

Now back to grazing in the pasture...

Gertrude out!