The Great Escape


People, My People! It's your well behaved, good girl Gertrude. Sorry it has been a while since my last post. You know, I am not the perfect yak as I portray here on Facebook, early this morning I decided to sneak out of my pasture and meet up with my future boyfriend Bone. I am sure nobody else has ever tried to get away with anything naughty and got caught, right people... be honest... Don't tell anyone but I heard the Head Dude eats raw cookie dough when the assistants aren't looking - GASP!

Well, back to my story. You see, I am told I am not allowed to date until August or September of 2019, it is so close but yet so far! So I was done with waiting, I gave the signal to Bone and he snuck out of his pasture, I snuck out of my pasture and we met in the corn field. We both did a masterful job of getting out of our respective pastures that no fence was disturbed besides a tuft of hair caught on some barb wire. Well, our plan was foiled this morning at about 5:50 a.m.! The Head Dude was hooking up the mobile store to head to the first Farmer's Market of the 2019 season when he spotted us. I told Bone we should go to the north and then the shed and grain bin would hide us, but NOOOOO, typical male thinks he is so smart and wham, we get caught. UGH, boys! I tell you what, even though I may be young I know that yak boys just aren't so smart.

In a pinch and short on time the Head Dude worked his so called magic and whispered us back into the pasture. He thinks it was his expert yak skills, but it was really that I felt bad and was guilty so I walked back into the pasture. Now my new boyfriend wasn't so cooperative, he has some learnin' to do but he too eventually came.

Our time together was short today. After returning early from the first Farmer's Market at the YMCA of the season the Head Dude put my studly friend back with the Bachelors. My friend Daryl joined them today too. (Psst - Bone is not jealous of Daryl as Daryl is unable to you know what, uhum). But now the three steers and Bone are in their own domain and can talk about man stuff without the ladies around.

My apologizes to all my fans hoping to buy yak meat this morning at the Market, I should have planned my adventure with Bone for Sunday morning or some other day than the first Farmer's Market Saturday.

Well, being I was feeling bad I did my best to help the Head Dude comb the other yaks. Believe it or not, I was mostly helpful. If only I had a better handle on the English language or the Head Dude understood yak language better we would be a pretty good team.

Oh, sorta big news. The Head Dude is starting a Hot Disch Farm - Yaks! Youtube channel. He tells me it will contain educational yak videos, farm demonstrations, and some silly stuff for your entertainment. My agent and I are working on our video contract and we are negotiating the benefits and royalties. I may be in a future video, if we can agree on my salary too. Check out one of the first video on the Hot Disch Farm - Yaks! channel in the link., the video needs improvement, but what can you say - the Head Dude is not a guru with technology like I am. Just between you and me, there is room for improvement but he is trying.

Anyway! Time to go see if my mom has had my sibling yet. Calf Watch 2019 is exciting for me too!

Be good my People!

- Gertrude out!

P.S. Be sure to like, subscribe, and share the goofy video. Maybe someday the Head Dude will make the big-time.

P.P.S. Come visit the Hot Disch Farm mobile store next Saturday at the YMCA - 7:00 a.m. to Noon. Our prices are lower this year and our meat is still tasty!

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