My BIG News!

People, My People! It's Gertrude once again. The BIG news has arrived! Are you ready? This is huge, monumental, and a life achievement for me personally. Any guesses? Time is up!

I, Gertrude, am now a

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Craig Dischinger
Memorial Day

People, My People! It's your favorite Yak - Gertrude! Today is Memorial Day and the yak gang and I are all very thankful for all the men and women and their families who have made the greatest sacrifice for freedom.

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The Great Escape

People, My People! It's your well behaved, good girl Gertrude. Sorry it has been a while since my last post. You know, I am not the perfect yak as I portray here on Facebook…

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Barn2Door Admin
Winter Snows

People, my people! It's your girl Gertrude again. Sorry it has been so long since my last post. The Head Dude has been in the skid loader for countless hours moving snow and he says he is running out of space to put it.

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RecipesBarn2Door Admin