Hot Disch Farm

Our Story

Yaking about Yaks


Our Farm

We are a grass fed and grass finished yak farm. Besides grass, our yaks enjoy fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins, squash, apples, carrots, and more. All of our yaks have a name, even the ones destined for the freezer. We love and care for them, giving them the best life possible.


Our Family

My wife and I grew up with livestock on our family farms. When we were married in 2007 we had beef cattle. In 2012 we bought our first yaks. Both my wife and I work off the farm, she is in the medical field and I teach at a local high school. We have two sons, our assistants in training. The boys love to work on the farm, explore and play outside, and go on adventures. They also love giving tours. Many farm activities involve the whole family, such as harvesting yak fiber, feeding hay in the winter, or checking the herd daily. We all love the farm life and wouldn’t change it for anything.